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No other Mentawai surf resort is better positioned to reach such a wide range of Mentawai surf spots.


It is not a secret that the surf in the Mentawai Islands is well known to be perfect, radical, and challenging at times. When planning your trip here, you must consider the fact that most of these breaks are also very accessible for the beginner/intermediate level. When the swells get smaller, it gives our less skilled guests the chance to explore, surf, improve and test their abilities on different types of wave scenarios and setups.

Tikus, G4`s, Hookers, Iceland, Ombak Tidur, Telescopes, Scarecrows and Seven Palms are spots that are often visited and surfed by our less advanced and intermediate surfers. You might ride the best wave of your life on any of these given sessions.

Remember that you will be constantly monitored and be assisted by our team of experienced surf guides and coaches and that there is always a wave for you to surf here on every day.


Mentawai waves close to our location



This is our beloved local spot and it displays super fun waves on almost every day. It is a fun mellow beginner/ intermediate level left hander with many sections providing really fun, classic and fast perfect peelers. The waves on this reef are very forgiving and break in three different peaks or sections. When bigger swells hit this reef it turns into a more advanced wave with good drops, fast peeling sections and even some barrels. Perfect for high performance maneuvers and turns. Best at higher and mid tides when small and good with all tides when there is more size. Works with almost all swell directions. Likes the south or south east wind or not wind at all. It’s a fun longboarding wave and is one of the favorite waves among our guests. It’s a very welcoming and super fun spot for everyone!


One of our hidden gems and very close to our resort. G4 is a fast peeling, beautiful, racing left hander that breaks over a very forgiving and nice reef. It will break at all sizes and it needs good straight southerlies winds and lower tides. The bigger the better. Usually over looked, this is a super fun wave and it’s a good spot to start training your skills, test that new board and practice those high speed hacks.



Another sweet and long left hander. A very scenic, tropical, cove bay hides this beauty of a wave. Long point break setup with really fast sections and peeling walls. Because of its length, this wave offers multiple sections to choose from and can be a thrilling super long wave on those clean south west swells, when the sections can connect into a super long ride. SE wind is a must here. It’s a classic intermediate level spot. On bigger days it can provide high speed and uncrowded freight trains.


This wave is a power house and wave magnet in the area and it provides incredible and strong left peaks with powerful, peeling sections and barrels over a sharp but deep water reef. It’s is a short but intense ride and it works with almost any swell direction. It likes east, north east and south east winds and is better on a moving low to incoming tide. It works at all sizes. At mid range size it is a very challenging but accessible wave, but when it’s big it is a really demanding and powerful spot suited only for advanced and fit surfers. When big, you should use the bigger stick on your quiver as it’s not the place you want to get caught inside by those rogue clean up sets. At smaller sizes, it’s a super fun, mellow, peaky wave, ideal for the intermediate surfer and a good place to practice your drops and turns. You can find some nice right handers here on the smaller days. There is also a little inside slab section on the channel that can be perfect for surf lessons on higher tides.


This wave is a very complex right hander that behaves like a reefy shore break, it has many sections and different peaks that work on different swells, conditions and sizes. The reef here is forgiving and friendly. It’s a bit demanding on the bigger days, but it can also get you super good, super fun peeling rights on mid sized and smaller days. Getting caught inside here is not so much fun, so if you do it’s is a good spot to test your stamina and fine tune those duck diving skills. The more west the swell, the better. Glassy wind conditions or north and north easterlies are the best. It likes higher tides.


The name of the spot says it all. This is a very fast, very shallow, racing right hander for advanced surfers only. Surfed only at mid to high tides this wave can be super fun and you will find good hollow barrels right from the take off. Clean and steep sections ideal for high performance surf. Likes north or northeast winds. If you can handle shallow water this is a fun radical spot. It gets big and hollow sometimes. Further down the reef there is another section called Ariks. Some claim that when it is working this one is the best right hander in the area but it is very fickle and hard to score. Long static barrels can be found here if we get lucky enough.



Very few surfers can successfully handle this wave. Big, hollow shallow and fast. Our regular guest, friend, Hellman, aussie world class surfer Anthony Walsh, claims this one is his favorite spot in the area. If you want perfect barrels and have the skills and the balls it is worth a try. There are a couple more waves around this area that we rarely surf because they can be very fickle and rare, but if we get lucky we might score them.


The cherry on the pie. Tele’s is the gem everybody is seeking to score. When its on, it’s a fast and hollow left hander that bends almost 180 degrees into this hollow reef pass. The bigger the better and more perfect it gets. It works best on a moving low to high or on a dropping tide. West swells are always better but it also gets good with a southwest swell. This wave has so many different moods and faces and it can be tricky at times. It can provide you with the thrill of a lifetime, if you manage to find that good rhythm with ocean and start scoring one perfect wave after the other. Long fast barrels are the norm here but its also a wave suited for high performance. Demanding and gnarly on the best and biggest days, it is also very forgiving and super fun on the medium and smaller days. If we are lucky and cruise in the right vibe, we can find some classic smaller days with perfect racing lefts and very few people in the lineup. It’s all a matter of good sync and timing with this wave! Also a very good longboarding wave on those super small days. We all love Telescopes!! Also great show to watch from the channel, while sipping on a coconut or a cold Bintang.


Reliable, beautiful, powerful, long, photogenic, blue and incredibly fun left hander. Definitely one of our favorite spots. Set on an awesome reef pass amidst a tiny and dreamy little island, Scarecrows is a truly world class wave. We surf here a lot just because it gets good most of the time. This is a spot where everybody gets waves…a lot of waves. If you are patient and learn to read the spot correctly, you will get heaps of waves. You might even get the ride of your trip here! The wave works at all sizes and is good on all tides, but seems to work better on a dropping tide. On the bigger days, the inside bowl section can deliver outstanding barrels. At low tide, some parts might get shallow so better be careful on those wipeouts or closeouts. Smaller days are super fun and accessible as well and the intermediate level surfer will find this one to be a very exciting wave. Sometimes when the surf is really small we might take our beginner surfers to experience a surf lesson on this beautiful idyllic reef. Snorkeling on the channel is a must.


Without Seven palms we would be lost on those flat days. You can always count on the good old 7P’s when the surf is super small or flat. A very technical, fast, fun and ever changing left hander, this one it is truly a lifesaver when nowhere else seems to be working. Beautifully nested in this secluded cove this wave delivers super nice walls to carve clean lines and turns. It likes the southeast or east wind and higher tides. Some days, it barrels really nicely and it might surprise you on how good it can get. Some classic sessions can be found here so this is a spot that we never underestimate. On very small days, it can be a great intermediate level wave as well. Also good for longboarding or even surf lessons.


Day long trips to other beautiful and wave-rich areas in the Mentawais

On request, our experienced surf crew can organize fully tailored, day long trips to other beautiful and wave-rich areas in the Mentawais for you to explore further in the archipelago and surf different breaks. This kind of trip will launch you on a quest for a colorful and juicy selection of Mentawai waves suited for all levels and skills.

We will organize and get together a crew to venture into these dreamy surf areas and enjoy the surf experience of a lifetime. Lunch and drinks will be served on the boat. Dawn patrol departure from the resort and return completely surfed out just before sunset.

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Mentawai Waves Tikus - Mentawai Surf Spots


What is the ideal season for surfing in the Mentawais?

Indonesia is split by the Equator and has a tropical weather all year long.

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Mentawai Surf Season - Best Mentawai Waves

From May to Sep


These months bring the best waves of the year with them, definitely the best season if you want to hit unforgettable waves! Swells are more frequent and there are more waves in the area to choose from, allowing you to enjoy an ideal Mentawai surfing vacation.

Mar-Apr & Oct-Nov


When it comes to waves, this period marks the start and end of the surfing season, which means the ocean still gifts us with amazing, smaller and less frequent waves – making it the perfect season for beginner and intermediate surfers!



With changing winds, swells arrive occasionally during the Christmas period but it’s the perfect season if you want to enjoy Mentawai waves with little to no surfers around.