Mentawai Surf School

Whether you are a first time beginner or an advanced surfer, our highly experienced team is there to help you get to the next level… or two!

Aloita’s home break is suitable for learning or improving your surfing


Let our certified instructors take care of you

Aloita Resort Surf School provides our guests with lessons and coaching for beginners and intermediate level surfers who are looking forward to start their experience on wave riding or improving their skills. Whether you want to learn the basic notions and ride your first wave, or improve your performance, you will find at our school a highly qualified team of instructors, coaches and equipment to make this one an awesome and fun experience. Surfing is not an easy activity to master, but with the right guidance and coaching we guarantee you will leave the resort with lots of successful waves under your belt and as a better surfer for sure.


Our team of instructors will assess your skill and level and personalize a program of surf lessons in which you will be introduced to the most important and basic notions of the sport. You will learn about surfboards and equipment, you will understand how waves work and break at a specific surf spot configuration, you will gather knowledge on paddling technique, wave behavior, wave catching, wave selection, pop up, riding techniques and you will even learn how to wipeout or deal with the white water. Our instructors and guides will choose and take you to the right wave scenarios for you to start exploring the waves of the area, enjoy them and successfully learn to ride them. Just few minutes away from the resort, we have an awesome and easy left hander wave in which learning to surf can be a unique and amazing experience. We might also, if the conditions are right, take you to explore some other spots in the area so you can test your skills and push your limits a little bit further. Remember that your safety is always a priority for us, and we also guarantee you to have fun!

If you have surfed before but want to refresh your wave riding knowledge, our Mentawai Surf School also offers lessons and coaching to the intermediate surfer.

Regardless of your level, skill, or age, catching waves in the Mentawai Islands with us is always fun and exciting!

Aloita Surf School has a wide selection of special learning boards or soft tops with a wide variety of sizes. In addition to that, we also have a selection of hardtops available for rent for the more advanced surfer.

Mentawais Surf School
Mentawais Surf School


  • Qualified and experienced Surf Instructors
  • Theory and water assistance
  • Maximum 4 students per lesson
  • Available private lessons
  • High quality Soft top surfboards, equipped with rubber fins to maximize safety
  • Rash guards and surf booties provided
  • Optional water photography
Mentawai Surfing School
Surf School Mentawai Islands
Surf School Mentawais
Mentawai Islands Surf School
West Sumatra Indonesia Surf School
Surf School Mentawai Islands
Surf School Mentawais